Marbres Banyoles



Marbres Banyoles specialises in producing and distributing all types of stone for construction, home decoration, public works, sculptures and funereal art.

Located at Pla de l'Estany, the company's facilities include the most advanced technical equipment and specialist machinery for cutting large slabs of stone (up to 25MT).

With more than 20 years of experience, Marbres Banyoles, founded in 1980, has an excellent, highly-qualified and experienced staff: installers, workers and a team of stonemasons who work together to offer our clients a product that is always first class.

Our catalogue of products includes a wide range of stone, including: marble and granite from Spain and from abroad, Silestone and Compac Marble.

Something that sets us apart from the competition is our selection of products from our own quarry such as: Garrotxa Basalt and Gris Sau limestone. We also have authentic Girona Stone.

We would like to highlight our services: excellent, tailor-made customer evaluation, the manufacture and installation of our materials in the Girona region and the south of France.

In the rest of Catalonia, Spain and other European countries, we supply materials to order.

Camí Terri nº10
Tel.: 972 57 40 10